September Wishlist

I’m starting a new section so y’all can see what caught my eye each month. This is great if you are petite like me because all of the items on the list are things I would actually buy (here’s to knowing my parents read my blog posts and hoping they buy some of these 😉 )so they are available in my size (XXS, XS, 00,or 0).

1) Burgundy Flats

burgundy flats from dillards, styledbysteph96

$49.99, Dillards

If you have been following my blog for awhile you’ve probably noticed my obsession with burgundy clothes. I have so many tops that would match this, and flats are ideal for walking around campus.

2) Plaid Skirt

plaid skirt from Urban Outfitters, styledbysteph96$59.00, Urban Outfitters

Click here to see an outfit idea with a similar plaid skirt, and here to see my preppy OOTD with a pink plaid skirt.

3) Button Down Dress


button down dress or tunic, styledbysteph96$34.99, American Eagle

 This dress is really casual so it would be perfect for class with a cardigan.

Petite girls rejoice! It’s available in XXS.

4) white tunic/ dress

white tunic dress, styledbysteph96$44.95, American Eagle

Also available in XXS!

I added an outfit guide below since it would be tricky to wear because it’s so short.white tunic dress outfit ideas, styledbysteph96Sandals, Denim Tunic, Earrings, Bag, Leather Jacket, Boots

On American Eagle’s website this is listed as a dress but I think that it is way too short to be worn alone so I added a denim tunic/ dress that you could wear unbuttoned during warm weather, and tights and boots in the fall.

5) Colored Tights

plum colored tights, modcloth, styledbysteph96$14.99, Modcloth


6) Brown Oxford Booties

brown oxford booties, styledbysteph96$39.99, Payless

Click here to see an outfit idea with these booties in black. I have wanted a pair of brown oxford booties for so long but couldn’t find any I liked until I stumbled upon these at Payless of all places. They actually look more expensive and nicer than some I’ve seen at Modcloth and other high-end stores. I like that the heel actually looks wearable unlike a lot of booties.


7) Red Maxi Dress

red maxi dress from lulus,styledbysteph96, wishlist$47.00, Lulus

I love this dress so much. Girls really dress up for football games and red is one of my school’s colors so this would be perfect for game day.

8) Tweed and Leather Jacket

 tweed and leather jacket, macys, styledbysteph96$89.00, Macys

How often do you see tweed and leather in the same item, and pulled off well? This jacket is expensive because it’s new,so I’d wait for it to go on sale and then pair it with black jeggings and ankle booties for a simple yet edgy outfit.


Stephanie Rehberg

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