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I decided to make my own fashion blog tag. Even if I didn’t tag you you can still do it. Make sure to mention the person who tagged you in your post and leave a comment below if you do it.

1) Who is your celebrity style icon?

Vanessa Hudgens

collagev hudgens.jpeg

Click here to see how I recreated her look.

vanessa hudgens outfit, plaid, fashion tag, styledbysteph96

I just love her boho, laidback style. She always looks very stylish but she doesn’t look like she tried hard. I also think Selena Gomez and Kate Middleton dress very nicely. Let me know if you want me to recreate more of her looks in the comments below!

2) What are your top 3 favorite stores?

Kohls, Dillards, Nordstrom Rack

I have a Kohls and Dillards in my hometown  and since we don’t have a giant mall with a ton of stores,probably over half of my clothes are from them. Nordstrom Rack isn’t available in my town, but I like to shop there if I go to a bigger city. They run pretty small so their clothes fit better than most stores and they aren’t super expensive.

3) Store you always browse at but don’t usually buy?

Lulu’s because there isn’t one where I live and it’s hard to know if clothes will fit right it you buy it online. They do carry a lot of smaller sizes though so I want to buy something from there eventually.

4) Favorite trends?

Burgundy and plaid.

burgundy blazer, styledbysteph96, fashion tag

Click here to see the top trends for fall 2014. I love fall clothes, and burgundy suits my skin tone nicely. Plaid is always a staple for fall and I like how it can look very country,preppy, or grungy depending on how you style it.

Least favorite trends?

Overalls and harem or soft pants that are too baggy.

baggy harem pants, styledbysteph96, fashion tag

Click here to read my 15 things I won’t wear tag. Overalls just remind me of kid’s clothes or a farmer, and super baggy pants don’t flatter anyone. I like harem or soft pants as long as they aren’t too baggy.

7) Last thing you bought?

macy's gameday dress, styledbysteph96

I recently bought this red and black dress for game day dress from Macy’s. Click here to purchase it.  I love the fit, and it could also work for an interview or work.

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