*Requested* Jewelry Tips for Petites

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Rings:Jewlery Tips for Petites Rings, styledbysteph96

Midi Rings: $8.00, Charming Charlies

I’ve found that buying midi rings in normal sizes and wearing it like a normal ring is much easier than trying to find a ring in small size.  Also, cocktail rings will look huge on anyone so stick to small, simple designs.


 Jewlery Tips for Petites Earrings, styledbysteph96Earrings: $15.00, Dillards


Jewlery Tips for Petites Bracelets, styledbysteph96

Pull Cord Bracelet: $10.00, Charming Charlies

Pull cord bracelets are easy to adjust to fit tiny wrists so they won’t move around too much.  Most bangles on the other hand are generally bigger and you can’t adjust them. Also, try to stay away from big designs as they generally do not look proportional on small wrists.

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Stephanie Rehberg


    • Thank you! It’s hard to find a lot of clothes and accessories that fit rights, but I’ve found some ways around it. Love your blog by the way!

  1. Finally!! Someone who understands how many challenges petites face when trying to put together an entire outfit. Love, love, love that you did a jewelry post. Keeping things in proportion isn’t as easy as it might sound.

    I have extremely small wrists but love bracelets. I don’t like them to hang halfway down my hand rather than stay on my wrist and I don’t like them to clang and rattle a lot. I’ve found a few wide silver bangles that I’ve worn for years because I can bend them to fit – not easy to find that type.

    I like the earring style you shared in this post. I have a couple that are a bit like that pair – they dangle, but aren’t long and are delicate. I usually just wear small posts, because most dangling earrings look too large.

    Watches? Ai yi yi. Why can’t someone make watches for petites? I love watches with metal links. If I find one with a small enough face to look right on my wrist (and is affordable!) I always have to have a jeweler remove either all or nearly all of the links. And that can negatively affect the overall appearance of the watch – how it centers or hangs on my wrist. So…are you up to doing a post on watches that petites can wear?

    Thanks! Keep the posts coming – really enjoy them.

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