Gossip Girl Style: Jenny Humphrey

Hey guys! Today’s article is about Jenny Humphrey’s fashion but Serena and Blair’s looks will be up soon!

gossip girl stye, little j, season 1, styledbysteph96Coat, Top, Skirt, Headband, Heels, Purse

Season 1 Jenny dressed very differently than the rest of the seasons. She dressed like most of the other girls on the show: very preppy and put- together. I switched up her outfit a bit to make it easier to recreate. By wearing a bright skirt instead of top, it’s easier to match and it’s easier to wear as an everyday outfit by getting rid of the neck tie and socks with heels.

gossip girl stye, little j, season 2, styledbysteph96Jacket, Bag, Nail Polish, Top, Skirt, Booties, Bangles

During season 2 Jenny started dressing darker and edgier. This outfit is easier to re-create, but I picked a slightly longer skirt to make it more appropriate.

gossip girl stye, little j, plaid, styledbysteph96Coat, Booties, Tights, Dress, Bangles, Nail Polish

If there was one thing Jenny always loved it was plaid. She also wore pretty short dresses and skirts both season, and changed her hair and makeup dramatically to match her look.

Click here to see Serena’s style and here to see Blair’s.

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Stephanie Rehberg


      • Really? That’s so cute! I think it’s kind of weird how they had them on and off during the show when Serena and Dan were dating. I haven’t finished watching the show so idk if they end up together in the end or not! I wish Blair and Chuck would have dated in real life. They had so much chemistry on screen.

      • I didn’t like Chuck at first but he really grew on me. It’s funny how they got so many people to love characters that you in theory should hate. Chuck and Blair do awful things all the time in the shows but yet they are still a lot of people’s favorite characters.

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