Gossip Girl Style: Serena

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gossip girl style, serena look 1, styledbysteph96Striped Shirt, Boots, Purse, Jacket, Scarf, Jeans, Belt

Serena’s style was said to have been inspired by Kate Moss so she is very trendy and always put together. She dresses pretty casual compared to the other characters to the show but still always looks cute. The infinity scarf I featured is easier to find and wear and I included a purse instead of a suitcase.

gossip girl style, serena look 2, striped blazer, styledbysteph96Purse, Boots, Striped Blazer, Belt, Rings, Top, Jeans

She almost always wore a blazer or a jacket in the show. This outfit is very cute, but I would not wear such a low cut top top an interview like she did.

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Stephanie Rehberg


    • I’m sad Gossip Girl ended. I just started watching last summer so I haven’t watched the whole show yet though. They had the best stylist for the show! Each characters look is so unique and cute. I’m glad you liked my post! :)

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