A Gift Guide for all of the Girls in Your Life Part 1

What are you asking for and giving for Christmas? What “types” of girls would you like to see in part two?

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1) Glam Fashionista

gift guide, glam, fashionista, christmas gifts, styledbysteph96

Skater Skirt, Boots, PJ Top, PJ Bottoms, Hot Rollers, VS Gift Card, Purse, Bare Minerals Kit, Gel Mani Kit, Scarf

I want the gel nail polish kit so badly! I can never seem to make my nail polish last for more than two days and gel manis typically last two weeks! I included the hot rollers because they are highly rated and are clip-less making it easier and faster to get curls.

2) Music Lover

music llovers gift guide, styledbysteph96, presents, christmas

Happy Plugs, Turntable, Beatles Poster, Taylor Swift Perfume, Shower Speaker, 1975 Sweatshirt, Arctic Monkey Shirt, Green Day Top, Panic at the Disco Sweatshirt, MCR Shirt

Can you tell what kind of music I like? :) I love band shirts (but don’t own many); they are the second only to concert tickets.The perfume is good if you know they like Taylor Swift (who doesn’t?) but they already own her music. Also shower speakers are very convenient!

What are your favorite bands? Leave a comment below!

3) Fitness Fanatic

fitness fanatic, gym rat, gift guide, styledbysteph96, gifts for girls

Water Bottle, Pink Hat, Hair Ties, Bluetooth Sports Headphones, Sports Bra, Yoga Mat, Gym Bag, Boxing Gloves, Tennis Skirt, Athletic Capris

The Bluetooth headphones would be great for a runner and workout clothes are much easier to pick out than sneakers.

Need help choosing a gift for someone? Leave a comment below and I’ll try to help out!


Stephanie Rehberg


  1. Hi, Stephanie! I’m sending you this as an email, not a comment, just cause it seemed a more personal way to suggest some topics and/or gift suggestions. I may add it as a comment as well, but just in case….

    How about including outfits, accessories or clothing pieces that support non-profit groups? I’ve got lots of them here, from my Pinterest page (I’m “onelittlepeach”) on Pinterest. In case the link doesn’t work, the board is labelled “Gifts That Make A Difference”. I haven’t arranged the Pins, so you’ll see lots of non-fashion oriented things like household stuff, but if you scroll down, you’ll see lots of items like jewelry and tees and such, some of which are from women’s/girls’ groups. One of my favorites is “Bead for Life”, and the cause it supports. It is one of the groups featured in the book/documentary “Half the Sky”, as in the saying that women are important because they hold up half the sky. If you haven’t seen the documentary, check it out. Astounding stuff. To me, anyway.

    Hope y’all are enjoying the break – and the glorious SLEEP (!) that comes with it.

    And congrats, again, on the blog. I’m so happy for you that is continues to grow and bloom!


  2. Band Tees! That’s a brilliant idea! Music is something everyone loves, and there’s no way to go wrong with a tee featuring a favorite band! Thanks for the ideas & the follow, I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog!

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