Prom Dresses for Every Budget

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Prom season is starting soon so I picked out my favorite dresses for every budget.
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$258, Prom Girl

This dress is so classy and glamorous and I love red dresses!

ball gown, prom dress, prom girl, mori lee, styledbysteph96, prom 2015$498, Prom Girl

I wore a dress very similar to this except in red to my senior prom last year and loved it. Comment if you want me to post pictures of me dress!

cheap prom dresses, prom 2015, macys, red dress, lace, styledbysteph96$109, Macys

It’s hard to believe this dress is barely over $100! I love the thigh split and if you’re short like me this shouldn’t be too hard to alter.

mint prom dress, cheap prom dresses, v neck, styledbysteph96, prom 2015$136.99, JJ’s House

The mint color would be very flattering on most people and this dress is perfect for dancing in since it’s not strapless.

blusk pink drom dress, beaded, unique vintage, prom dresses, prom 2015, styledbysteph96$338, Unique Vintage

This one is for the girly girls! It’s very feminine without looking too young and tacky like a lot of pink prom dresses are.

amazon prom, prom dress, simpple, dark blue, royal blue, beaded, styledbysteph96, prom 2015$149.99, Amazon Prom

This is perfect for a simple, understated look. The color is absolutely gorgeous (but it comes in other colors as well).

red amazon prom dress, mermaid style, trumpet, fit and flae, prom 2015, styledbysteph96$129.99 Amazon Prom

This dress is so beautiful, but I would make sure to have it custom made if you are short like me so the back won’t be too low.

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