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Hey guys!

So after a lot of trouble my blog is finally working again after switching to   At one point my whole blog disappeared and I thought I lost everything! Not that it’s working I like it so far, but I’ll let you guys know what I think about it in a few days after I’ve had the chance to play around with it.

Since I link so many products on here I know most of the products at my favorite stores at any given time and I’ve come to notice quite a few pieces offered at various stores for different prices.  Some of these are the same exact product and others are very similar. Keep reading to find the best deals!

Daisy Dress: Save $23.39


mod cloth, counting daisies dress, light pink, white, crochet, fashion dupes

 Mod Cloth $64.99

dillards dupe, buy this not that, spring fashion, crochet dress, styledbysteph96

Dillard’s $41.60

I’ve noticed Mod Cloth and Dillard’s carry a lot of the same items and 99% of the time Dillard’s is cheaper! I always do a quick check on Dillard’s before I buy anything from Mod Cloth to make sure I’m getting the best deal!

2)  Bright Romper: Save $15.99

romper, mod cloth, buy this not that, fashion dupes, spring fashion 2015, styledbysteph96

ModCloth $44.99

dillards romper, spring outfit ideas, rompers, spring trends, styledbysteph96, dress for less

Dillard’s $29

3) Classic Black Flats: Save $69.01

urban outfitters, black flats, fashion dupes, styledbysteph96, look for less, fashion blog

Urban Outfitters $90

black pointy flats, faux leather, mod cloth, stephanie rehberg, styledbysteph96, fashion dupes

Mod Cloth $20.99

4) Leather Slip-on Save $58.01

Theses are not the same exact item, but boy are they similar. Urban Outfitters is so cute but so overpriced most of the time!

toms classis leather slipons, womens shoes, fashion dupes, look for less, styledbysteph96

 Toms $98

mod cloth, leather flats, toms dupe, styledbysteph96, fashion blog

Mod Cloth $39.99

Obviously this isn’t the same exact shoe but I personally like the Mod Cloth version better. although you won’t get the satisfaction of knowing your shoes are helping charity.

5)Triangle Swimwear Save $56.28

triangle swimwear, dupes, fashion dupes, clothing dupes, look for less, styledbysteph96

Triangle Swimwear $79

triangle swimwear blue bikini dupe, styledbysteph96, fashion blog, shopping on a budget

DH Gate $22.72

It seems like every major fashion blogger owns one of these! Personally I don’t think it’s worth buying at full price but the dupe is a great deal!

What do you guys think of these? Do you like dupes or the original better?


Stephanie Rehberg


  1. The price difference between modcloth and Dillards really surprised me. TBH as I got older I found quality matters more. I think for classic items the pricier, often better quality item, is better. But definitely for trendy items you can save a penny on the cheaper version. Awesome post!

    • Thank you! Yeah I would rather pay s little bit more for something that will last longer but I don’t get why mod cloth carries the same items as Dillard’s for so much more money. I guess a lot of people just don’t price check.

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