OOTD: Swingy Crop Top

Hey guys!

Let me know what you think of this outfit. :)

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I got the skirt and heels from goodwill. The crop top is from Dillard’s and the blazer is from Kohls.

I love good will! If you search hard enough you can almost always find a pair of shoes that look brand new at good will and if you live in a big or rich city there’s a good chance you can find designer pieces. I’ve found a couple of hundred dollar tops even in the small city where I live.

I’m thinking of doing a goodwill haul video soon so let me know if you would like that! :)

Here’s a similar look:

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Blazer, Skirt, Necklace, Top (exact and on sale!), Heels


Stephanie Rehberg


  1. I love it! And the pics are phenomenal. If the top is made of cotton I love it even more. It has enough colors in it that i’d think it could be worn with a lot of different bottoms. I’ve got a blazer that is quite similar to the one in your post. I freeze in most places like restaurants, etc, so a versatile blazer is a Have To Have kind of thing. And oh, yeah…mine came from this ultra exclusive store called The GW. :-) Yeah, Goodwill – pretty much my only retail store. I’ve purchased almost all of my shoes there – I just disinfect them with a wet wipe and they are usually ready to go. My favorites in the shoe department are boots – quality, leather boots that often look as if they’ve either never been worn or infrequently worn.Super bargain. If you can wear heels,(ouch, I rarely do), they are always available, often with original prices still on them. I’ve found quite a few jewelry bargains, too. I just wish they’d sort clothing by size, jeans especially. For the price, though, I’ll dig through them. So I vote yes to a Goodwill haul post.

    • Yeah I love goodwill but sorting by size instead of color would make so much more sense. I’ll post the goodwill haul soon! I have a crazy amount of clothes from there. :)

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