Cute Workout Outfit Ideas


I have my own domain now:! I figured working out would be a popular New Year’s resolution and cute outfits will motivate you to work out more.

Let me know if you have any ideas for articles you want me to write!


What to Avoid:

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  • loose or short shorts: You want to be able to do any position without worrying about flashing people, so stick to leggings/pants that are full length or cropped at the knee
  • thin yoga pants and/or underwear that isn’t seamless: Stick to dark yoga pants that are made of thicker materials and seamless underwear
  • v-necks, t-shirts, or too-short tops: Do some yoga poses in the dressing room or home before you go to class to make sure your shirt doesn’t ride up or show too much skin when you move around

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OOTD: Printed Bodycon Skirt

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Thank you to everyone who has voted for me for the fashionista award! If you haven’t voted yet you can vote here.
crouching ootd styledbysteph96Albany has Art Park where anyone can go in and paint or create something in an old building. It’s the perfect spot to take pictures and it never getsĀ  old since they are constantly painting over the old art.

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