OOTD: Vest and Rust Colored Jeans


This outfit is perfect for back to school. It would fit most dress codes and is casual but still put together looking.

What are you wearing for back to school this year?

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My vest is by the brand Angie, the top and jeans are from Kohls, and the oxfords are from DSW.

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Tote Bag, Bracelet, Tank Top, Jeggings, Vest, Oxford Pumps

Since my vest pretty unique it was hard to find one with the same beading so I tied in all of the colors using the tote bag which is perfect for back to school.


Outfit Idea for a Music Festival

music festival look.jpeg

I like this outfit because it is boho without being overboard. The vest and bangles are from Charlotte Russe. The dress is from Agaci and the backpack is from Target. Backpacks are a good idea so you have plenty of room to carry your belongings and the weight is distributed more evenly than a one shoulder purse. The belt is from Macys and the shoes are from ismalls.co.uk. I would definitely belt the dress since it is so loose. I like that the shoes have a tiny wedge. Obviously giant wedges would be uncomfortable if you are standing for long periods of time, but a lot of people forget that shoes that are too flat and thin are just as uncomfortable.

loose waves

I would wear my hair in loose waves pinned back  like the picture above. To get the hair: curl loosely with a straightener leaving the tips out so they are straight. Once your hair is cool lightly comb through with your fingers or a wide- tooth comb. Then lightly hairspray and twist and pin a section back on each side a few inches away from your hairline.